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For the road ahead,

We provide

two digital publications

and a daily blog.

  "Proven Strategies For Stock Market Beginners"

    The target date for publishing this E-book is October 1, 2016

This E-book is written for beginners and assumes no previous experience.

"The Proven Strategies Model Portfolio"

is published on the 1st of each month.

This monthly E-book provides an example of what we would be buying

if "starting today" with a $10,000 deposit in a new brokerage account.

The Daily Blog

  is updated daily with informative news and trading tips.

Each day we provide news and observations on a variety of subjects, including:

Developing and evolving geopolitical events

Specific sector news

News and developments of individual companies in our portfolio

Government decisions and actions

Miscellaneous news items of interest to stock traders

And, occasionally, a joke or two :)