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It doesn't take much to get started. Of course, the more with which you start, the faster you will grow. But, many of our now-successful subscribers began with very modest balances.

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A good place to start is with the book - Proven Strategies For Stock Market Beginners. This book has NO "secrets" or "tricks" to "get-rich-quick." It is an overview of basic "old-school" investing strategies that are still used today by most successful stock-portfolio managers. These are the basic building blocks for those who are just getting started. The target date for publication is October 1, 2016. By signing up on our mailing list, you will receive advance notice of a 5-day period where you can download this valuable e-book for free. Thereafter, the price of the book will be comparable to other books in this category.

Also, beginning October 1, 2016, we will be publishing the Proven Strategies Model Portfolio each month. This is a 99 cent e-book that explains current market conditions and what stocks we would be buying if we were "starting today" - with a $10,000 deposit - in a new brokerage account. This provides a model that you can scale-up or scale-down depending upon how much you have in your own brokerage account. Risk-Management is the priority with long-term portfolio growth as the objective. This monthly e-book is time-sensitive to current market conditions.

And, be sure to check out The Daily Blog. Its purpose is to evaluate current events and news that could affect the value of stocks and influence market trends.

About Us

Only 3 things are necessary to get started.


1.  A brokerage account

2.  A beginning Cash balance

3.  An interest in learning basic trading skills

There are many stock brokerage firms from which to choose.

A web search for "online stock brokers" will provide you with many choices. Personally, I use because their commision is only $7 per trade - buy or sell - and they have hundreds of local offices. ( I receive no commission or fees from Scottrade. I'm just a happy customer.)

Timothy Randolph Fletcher

Managing Editor

New Day Wealth Protection is a publishing company focused upon stock trading for profits.

Obviously, we want you to buy our books.

So, we are only interested in publishing books that will help you learn how to prosper as a stock trader. Our motivation and intent is simple. We want you to prosper... tell your friends about us... so that we can sell more books! ( duuuhh! )

That's why we publish basic and proven "old school" strategies that have - for decades - rewarded the most successful portfolio managers with substantial profits.

Successful portfolio managers do not go chasing after the latest "secrets" and "tricks." They rely upon proven strategies that enable them to protect their capital base while earning above-average-returns from high-quality stocks... and from "buying -low & selling-high."

Most financial news publishers don't share these facts... WE DO!

We cannot guarantee your success but - if you follow the long-established proven strategies - you can minimize your risk and grow the wealth you have with consistent and reliable gains.

It doesn't matter if your wealth is great or small. It can be grown.

Stock trading is NOT rocket science. The basic strategies are proven strategies that are simple and can be followed by anyone... with or without stock trading experience.

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Getting started as a stock trader is a simple process

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